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DardenDish… February 2, 2011

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www.mydish.yolasite.com We believe everyone is searching for a better service that not only provides quality but quantity. Achieveing more for less, and saving money every month on a service you will unfortunately never stop paying for. It’s ok because even the richest man in the world will never pay off his television bill, the key figuring out how to recieve the channels you favor and be able to save a whole lot of money. Our rates our very competetive to assist you with the best possible service, with all the new technology, linking in all your favorite programming, and offering absoluteley FREE installation to those who qualify and to qualify does not take much. We also have numerous internet, cell phone, and home phone with all the special twerks available for a real low rate as well. See what seperates us  from the competition, is that we our the number one distributor for the best satellite service available. So we earned our own all American Customer service available to everyone 24/7  to all our client’s that sign up through us. Learn more about  this incredible opportunity to recieve the future of television. www.mydish.yolasite.com


Future of television February 1, 2011

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www.mydish.yolasite.com So many people wish they had a television service that would give them everything they could possibly ever want. The biggest complaint I have ever heard about satellite television has to be the reception. The reception in bad weather would block the signal from orbit down to your physical satellite dish, in which is very true. We realized that problem since the day satellite television was first invented in the early 90’s. Now we our a at point of where technology can assist us with a powerful reception strength for all of our clients. We now deliver 3 satellite signals to all of our clients in the United States of Amercia, with the assistance of N.A.S.A. helping us place 36 satellites that now orbit right on top of us. Once a storm comes your way and you loose a signal it is only because you lost your first signal, it will now locate the number two or three satellite signal to have your digital system back up and running smoothly in the matter of minutes or seconds. www.mydish.yolasite.com

     Now we have the power to deliver a strong signal to all of our U.S.A. clients to ease our clients knowing they have only the latest and greatest in digital television. You have to realize the clouds never stop moving and once you our underneath the eye of the storm, that is where you will become more able to loose a signal. Once you do. the satellite physically on your home will search for the two remaining signals coming in around the blocked signal either from east, west, north or south and this will only take a few seconds or minutes depending on how strong your storm actually may be. We trialed this dish before releasement to the public in heavy weather locations through out the U.S.A. Unless a Sunami is coming your way, we guarentee you will love this wonderful digital system. As a convenience you may now check a live satellite image of your weather in your area at a touch of a button, this will definately help you prepare your week and days for what is to come whether it may be beautiful of ugly, we got you covered. questions email: mydish@unlockyourfortune.ws or simply visit www.mydish.yolasite.com to learn more about this fantastic offer!!!